Looking For "Koyo"

Autumn Colors

Kiyomizudera wearing its best color

A stroll along the Philosopher’s Path


Togetsukyo Bridge

Soba ni ite kureru?
(will you stay by my side?)
jounetsu no sukima de sotto
(secretly, in between the gaps of passions)

yasuragi wa itsumo
(peace is never in sight)
higeki no saki ni mienaku naru
(in the face of tragedy)

chiisaku naru ai no kakera wo
(Gathering the fragments)
hiroi atsumete wa
(of this shrinking love)

hitotsu, futatsu, kasaneteiru no
(one piece, two pieces, I’m piling them up)

aitai to tada negau dake de
(just by wishing that I could see you)
konna ni mo namida afureru kara…
(my tears are already overflowing this much)

my love

yozora ni ukabeta tameiki ga koboreru
(my sigh escapes, floating up into the night sky)

Please Stay With Me

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